Professional Presentations

Indicative Professional Presentations in Geotechnical Engineering

PDF_Button_Web_Site_Geodomisi«Anchored Earth Retaining Structures» Construction Procedure Presentation of anchored steel piled retaining systems – Berlinoise (in Greek)
PDF_Button_Web_Site_GeodomisiDeep Excavation supported by Anchored Reinforced Pile Retaining Wall in Aigiptou Square, Alexandras Avenue, Athens, Greece
PDF_Button_Web_Site_GeodomisiLateral Earth Pressures (in Greek)
PDF_Button_Web_Site_GeodomisiStability Investigation Methodology and Technologies for Stabilisation of Slopes and Bodies of unstable Uncontrolled Waste Disposal Sites (U.W.D.S.). The “PeaniaU.W.D.S.” Case Study in Greece
PDF_Button_Web_Site_GeodomisiTechnical Note on Application of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Archaeological Site Characterization
PDF_Button_Web_Site_GeodomisiFoundation Pile Bearing Capacity Analysis / Verification
PDF_Button_Web_Site_GeodomisiCapabilities and Qualifications Onshore Geophysical and Geological Engineering Investigation and Survey Services
PDF_Button_Web_Site_GeodomisiWhich areas in Attica district, Greece are in the dyne of floods (in Greek)
PDF_Button_Web_Site_GeodomisiGeotechnical Engineering Site Investigation and Characterisation Procedure (in Greek)