He has twenty seven (27) papers published in both International and Greek Scientific Bulletins, in the field of Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology – Hydrogeology.

There are one hundred forty one (141) citations found so far on International scientific papers of other authors scientific work.

He has also written four (4) academic books, titled:

a) «Introduction to Soil Mechanics I»,
b) «Remote Sensing and photogeology. A tool to route selection of large highways and roads»,
c) «Introduction to Soil Mechanics II and Rock Mechanics», and
d) of «Geotechnical Engineering for Dams and Tunnels».

He has also written the following course lectures notes:

1) Clay Mineralogy,
2) Soil Classification,
3) Phase Relations,
4) Soil Compaction,
5) Permeability,
6) Shear strength of soils,
7) Consolidation,
8) Lateral Earth Pressures,
9) Geotechnical Site Investigation, and
10) Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering.